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"Quality by design (QbD) approach to optimize the formulation and the process parameters of a bilayer combination tablet"

"Application of twin screw granulation for metformin hydrochloride extended release tablets"

   서정웅 / seojw2011@gmail.com
   동아 제약
"Development of pH-Independent sustained release tablets containing carvedilol ternary solid dispersion"




   단현광 / hktan85@gmail.com
   동구 제약
1994년 박사학위 취득

"케토프로펜 로오숀의 製制設計 및 生物藥劑學的 評價"

   이승우 / swlee120@hanmail.net
"Formulation and Evaluation of a Novel Drug Delivery system for Soluble and Poorly Soluble Drugs Using Poloxamer 407"

   김태서 / kimtaeso@hanmi.co.kr
   한미 약품
2003년 박사학위 취득

"Formulation and biopharmaceutical evaluation of self-microemulsifying drug delivery systems containing silymarin"

   길형준 / k520990@chol.com
   경동 제약
"Preparation and Biopharmaceutical Evaluation of Flurbiprofen Transdermal Gel"

   삼천당 제약
"Formulation and Biopharmaceutical Evaluation of Nicotine Transdermal Patch"

   코오롱 제약
"Optimization of Mucoadhesive Patch Formulation Containing Triamcinolone Acetonide Using Factorial Design"

   중외제약 홀딩스
"마이크로에멀젼을 이용한 피록시캄 외용제의 제제설계 및 생물약제학적 평가"

"Optimization of Transdermal Gel Formulation Containing Ibuprofen and Its Biopharmaceutical Evaluation"

"Development of transdermal patch formulation containing ondansetron and its biopharmaceutical evaluation"

"Formulation Development and Biopharmaceutical Evaluation of Paclitaxel-Loaded Polymeric Micelles"

   시믹 씨엠오 코리아

   안국 약품
"Eudra[g]it RS 100을 이용한 Lonazolac-Ca의 Microencapsulation에 관한 硏究"

"Preparation and Evaluation of sustained-release matrix tablets of flurbiprofen"

"Effect of penetration enhancers on flurbiprofen penetration through rat skins"

   코오롱 제약
"Design and in vitro evaluation of drug-in-adhesive patch containing fentanyl"

"Enhanced Bioavailability of Biphenyldimethyldicarboxylate Using solid Dispersion"

"Effects of Electrokinetic Stabilizer on the Physicochemical Properties of Lipid Emulsions Containing Propofol"

1994년 석사학위 취득
'유아용 종합 VITAMIN 액제의 제제설계'

1995년 석사학위 취득
'제산제에 의한 방부제의 흡착특성'

"Improvement of Stability and Pharmacological Activity of Epidermal Growth Factor in Topical Preparation"

"Formulation of Scopolamine Patch"

"Enhancement of the oral absorption of cyclosporin a using solid dispersion"

"Stabilization of Recombinant Human Epidermal Growth Factor in skin Tissue"

"Improvement of Dissolution Rate of Idebenone Using Self-microemulsifying Drug Delivery system"

"Improvement of Dissolution Rate of Bifendate Using SMEDDS"

   이윤석 / atomicos@naver.com
   경상대학교 약학대학
경상대학교 약학대학 학장

"Solubilization of Itraconazole Using Colloidal Drug Delivery System"

"Formulation of topical microemulsion containing diclofenac diethylammonium"

"Effects of Vehicles and Penetration Enhancers on the Percutaneous Absorption of Apomorphine Hydrochloride"

"Stabilization of Misoprotol Using Poloxamer Solid Dispersion"

"A New Topical Application of O/W Microemulsion Containing Ketoprofen"

"Development and Optimization of Transdermal Therapeutic Systems Containing Clebopride"

"Preparation and Evaluation of l-Muscone Solid Dispersion using Poloxamer"

   환인 제약
"Development and Evaluation of Novel Oral Drug Delivery System
Containing Amlodipine"

"Solubility Enhancement of Biphenyl Dimethyl Dicarboxylate in Water Using Polymeric Micelle"

   안국 약품
1998년 석사학위 취득

"Effect of Flavors on the Viscosity and Gelling point of Poloxamer Aqueous Solution"

"Preparation and Evaluation of Nifedipine Matrix Tablets"

"Enhancement of Skin Permeation of Ketorolac Tromethamine Using Optimazation of Vehicles Combination"

"Formulation of Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems Containing Tulobuterol"

"Effect of shear stress on Rheological Properties of Hydrophilic Polymers"

"Effect of Surfactants and Polyalcohols on Polymeric Micelle Characteristics"

"Effect of Polymers and Permeation Enhancers on Percutaneous Absorption of Captopril"

   보령 제약
"Effects of Polymers and Permeation Enhancers on Percutaneous Absorption of Cisapride"

"Enhancement of Skin Permeation of Diclofenac Using Various Adhesives and Permeation Enhancers"

   서울 국립정신병원
"Biopharmaceutical Evaluation of a Novel Tablet Dosage Form Containing Itraconazole"

   참 제약
"Development and evaluation of controlled release matrix tablets containing felodipine"

2008년 박사학위 취득
"Formulation of Extended-Release Tablet containing Buspirone Hydrochloride"

"Saturated concentration of cyclosporin A solid dispersion in the transport across Caco-2 cell monolayer "

   광동 제약
2001년 석사학위 취득
'Formulation of Parenteral Microemulsion Containing Propofol'


   대웅 제약
"Novel formulation of vitamin A transdermal therapeutic system "

   보령 제약
"Formulation of Transdermal Therapeutic system Containing S-ibuprofen"

"Enhancement of Itraconazole Dissolution in Various pH Media"

"Formulation and Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of Oral suspension Containing S-ibuprofen"

석사과정 수료

   중외 제약
"Formulation of S-ibuprofen TTS using Polyisobutylene"

   SK 케미칼
"Preformulation of SK3530 Hydrochloride for Oral Dosage Form"

   한미 약품
"Preparation of paclitaxel solid dispersion by supercritical antisolvent process and its biopharmaceutical evaluation"

"Formulation of Doxazosin Mesylate sustained-Release Pellets"

   한국 오츠카
"Formulation of Felodipine sustained-Release Tablets"

   KMS 제약
2003년 석사학위 취득

"Formulation of sustained-release tablets containing nifedipine"

2003년 석사학위 취득

"Preparation of ionic poly(DL-lactide-co-glycolide) nanoparticle for influenza vaccine delivery"

2005년 석사학위 취득

"Preparation of polymeric vector and evaluation of transfection efficiency as non-viral gene delivery carrier"

   한양대학교 나노과학기술 연구소
2006년 석사학위 취득.

"Enhancement of vaccinia virus-mediated antitumor immunity by combination of chemotherapy using various cancer drugs or doxorubicin-containing chitosan hydrogel"

   제일 약품
2006년 석사학위 취득

"Enhancement of stability and safety of liposomes containing insoluble antibiotic drugs"

   SK 케미칼
2005년 석사학위 취득

"Formulation of Topical Microemulsions Containing Local Anesthetics"

   태평양 제약
2004년 석사학위 취득

"Solubility improvement of tacrolimus by solid dispersion systems"

   녹십자 상아
2004년 석사학위 취득

"Formulation of Sustained-Release Tablet Containing Paroxetine Hydrochloride"

   대웅 제약
2006년 석사학위 취득

"Stabilization of Limaprost Using Solid Dispersion Systems"

2006년 석사학위 취득

"Microencapsulation of S-ibuprofen Using Spray Drying"

   LG 생명과학
2006년 석사학위 취득

"Formulation of Topical Preparations for the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis derived from Herbal Medicines"

   건일 제약
2009년 석사학위 취득

"Mucoadhesive polymer-modified lipid nanoparticles for solubilization and GI absorption enhancement of poorly water soluble drug"

   대웅 제약
2007년 석사학위 취득

"Formulation of Topical Gel Containing Testosterone"

2006년 석사학위 취득

"Preparation and Evaluation of Micro-fabricated Biodegradable Polymeric Structure"

   일동 제약
2007년 석사학위 취득

"Formulation of Nisoldipine Extended-release Tablet"

   PRA Korea
2007년 석사학위 취득

"Stabilization of Serratiopeptidase Tablets"

2007년 석사학위 취득

"Stabilization of Limaprost-aCD using Solid Dispersion System"

2007년 석사학위 취득

"Stabilization of imidapril HCl tablets"

2008년 석사학위 취득

"Formulation of Gastro Retentive Tablets Containing Gabapentin"

2008년 석사학위 취득

"Preparation of Cyclosporine A Lipid emulsion Using Membrane Emulsification"

2008년 석사학위 취득

"Preparing of itraconazole nanoparticles by SPG membrane"

2008년 석사학위 취득

"Formulation of Cilnidipine MR tablet"

2008년 석사학위 취득

"Formulation of orally-disintegrating tablets containing S-ibuprofen"

2008년 석사학위 취득

"Evaluation of Biocompatibility and Release Studies of Biodegradable Implant Fabrication technology"

   박천웅 / kaize17@hanmail.net
   충북대학교 약학대학
2008년 박사학위 취득
충북대학교 약학대학 조교수

"Formulation and In Vivo Evaluation of Stabilized Oral Dosage Form Containing Rabeprazole"

   SK 케미칼
2012년 석사학위 취득
'Identification of the noble impurities'

2008년 석사학위 취득
"Formulation of Modified-Release Tablets Containing Gliclazid'

2009년 석사학위 취득
"Formulation and Evaluation of Sustained-Release Injectable Microspheres Containing Leuprolid With Biodegradable Polymer"

   유영 제약
2009년 석사학위 취득

"The Novel Technique to prepare Cyclosporin A Nanoparticles using SPG membrane"

   대웅 제약
2009년 석사학위 취득

"Formulation of Gastroretentive Tablets Containing Acetyl-L-Carnitine"

   대웅 제약
2009년 박사학위 취득

"Formulation and Evaluation of Sustained-Release Injectable Microspheres Containing Leuprolid With Biodegradable Polymers"

   일양 약품
2010년 석사학위 취득

"Preparation and In Vitro Evaluation of Sustained Release granules for Alfuzosin HCl Using Fluidized bed coating Process"

   환인 제약
2010년 석사학위 취득

"Formulation of gastroretentive pellets containing cilostazol"

   한미 약품
2010년 석사학위 취득

"Effects of Gastroretention and P-glycoprotein Inhibition on Gastrointestinal Absorption of Acyclovir"

   SK 케미칼
2010년 석사학위 취득

"Formulation and evaluation of topical solutions containing itraconazole-phenol eutectic mixture"

   대웅 제약
2010년 석사학위 취득

"Formulation of Nimodipine Sustained-Release Tablet"

   유유 제약
2011년 석사학위 취득

"Development of Gastroretentive Dosage Forms Containing Gabapentin by the Freeze-drying Method"

   일동 제약
2011년 석사학위 취득

"Development of gastroretentive formulation containing clarithromycin"

2011년 석사학위 취득

"Design of Pramipexole Oral Disintegrating Tablet Containing Sustained Release Microparticles"

   대웅 제약
2011년 석사학위 취득

"Preparation of injection containing docetaxel for improved storage stability"

   대웅 제약
2012년 석사학위 취득

"Design of Controlled release Orally disintegrating Tablet containing Ropinirole hydrochloride"

   건일 제약
2012년 석사학위 취득

"Preparation and Characterization of Poly(aminoethylaspartamide-co-hexadecylaspartamide) for siRNA Delivery"

   Dao Dahn Son

2006년 석사학위 취득
"Formulation and Biopharmaceutic Evaluation of Doxophylline Extended-Release tablet"

2010년 박사학위 취득
"Development and Biopharmaceutical Evaluation of Transdermal Patch Containing Galantamine"

   Nguyen Thach Tung
2012년 박사학위 취득
"Strategies to Improve Bioavailability and Efficacy of Rebamipide"

   환인 제약
2012년 석사학위 취득

"Formulation of Solid Dispersions Using Eutectic System of Celecoxib and Poloxamer 407"

2012년 석사학위 취득

"Formulation of ophthalmic in situ hydrogel containing a cyclosporine A nanoemulsion"

"Preparation and Characterization of Epirubicin loaded Iron oxide nanoparticles "

   청주대학교 제약공학과
2012년 박사학위 취득
청주대학교 제약공학과 조교수

"Formulation of Dual Release Fixed-dose Combination Tablet for Treatment of Diabetes"

   우석대학교 약학대학
2009년 석사학위 취득
"Formulation of gastroretentive tablets containing itraconazole"

2012년 박사학위 취득
우석대학교 약학대학 조교수
"Formulation of gastroretentive tablets containing Ecabet Sodium"

   CJ 제일제당
2009년 석사학위 취득
"Formulation of Ophthalmic Nanosuspensions Containing Levocabastine"

2013년 박사학위 취득

"Formulation of Orally Disintegrating Controlled Release Tablets Containing Ropinirole Hydrochloride"

2013년 석사학위 취득

"Development of self-emulsifying nanoemulsion containing atrovastatin and ezetimibe"

   동아 제약
2013년 석사학위 취득

"Preparation of Everolimus Nanoparticles using Microfluidization Process"

   삼천당 제약
"Preparation and Evaluation of Fexofenadine HCl Ophthalmic Solutions"

   삼천당 제약
"Preparation and in vivo Evaluation of Amorphous Losartan Potassium"

   한독 약품
2014년 박사학위 취득
"Implementation of Quality by Design for Formulation of Rebamipide Gastro-retentive System"

   국제 약품
"Formulation and In vivo Evaluation of Taste Masked Orally Disintegrating Tablets Containing Sildenafil Citrate"

   동아 제약
"Development of New Film Forming Gel for Infectious and Non-Infectious wounds"

"Preparation and In Vitro/In Vivo Evaluation of New Orally Disintegrating Granule System Containing Sildenafil"

종근당 연구소장

2015년 박사학위 취득

"Study of New Liquid Crystal System for Sustained Release Injection"

   하나 제약
2015년 석사학위 취득
"Preparation and Evaluation of Ultrasound Responsive Hydroxyapatite-Coated Liposomes"

   청주대학교 제약공학과
청주대학교 제약공학과 조교수
2014년 박사학위 취득
"Development of Controlled Release Double-Layered Tablet Containing Oxycodone Hydrochloride"

   대웅 제약
2015년 석사학위 취득

"Development of Orally Disintegrating Tablet containing Dapoxetine"

2009년 박사학위 취득

"Formulation and In Vivo Evaluation of Dual Release Tablet Containing Dexibuprofen"

   대원 제약
2015년 박사학위 취득

"Preparation and evaluation of microparticulate drug delivery systems containing sildenafil"

   대원 제약
2016년 석사학위 취득
"Preparation and Characterization of Microemulsion Based Hydrogel containing Celecoxib for Topical Delivery"

2016년 박사학위 취득
"Development of the skin-whitening cosmetic containing dihydroxybenzyl adamatanyldimethoxy benzamide as a de-pigmentation agent"

2016년 8월 박사학위 취득
"Preparation of oral paclitaxel dosage form and its biopharmaceutical evaluation"